Lifestyle Choices for Immune Health


Follow a Healthy Diet

Aim for a balanced diet rich in whole grains (gluten free if you are sensitive or allergic), vegetables, fruit and lean protein.   Choose your sources wisely – local and organic if possible. Go for variety and seasonal choices to ensure a high nutritional value.


Set a goal to move every day.  This does not need to mean an hour of strenuous exercise.  Think small and build from there:  take a walk on your lunch break, stairs instead of elevator, slow stretches or yoga in the morning when you wake up.  Building movement into your daily routine means burning calories and increasing energy but it also helps to inform and connect to both your emotional and physical state.

Drink Water

Good rule of thumb is to aim for ½ your body weight (in ounces) of water per day.  So a 150 lb. person would need to drink 75 ounces of water per day.

Get eight hours of sleep

These eight hours are a deeply restorative time for body processes.  Getting less than optimal hours affects all areas of life:  stress and energy level as well as your immune function.   Develop tools to help you get the sleep you need:  meditation before bed, changing diet, stress coping skills are among a few.

Laugh out loud

Overall well-being and a positive outlook on life do affect how your body functions.  You need to SEE beauty/health/peace in order to BE it.  A good laugh certainly helps as well.

Wash hands often

This one might seem obvious – but do it.  Tried and true.

Take time out

Especially important this time of year – take a break.  Schedule it in if you have to.  That time to rest, renew and just have some moments to yourself are pertinent to functioning optimally and is often the first thing to go when stressed.  Make it a priority BEFORE you get sick.