Retraining Brain Waves With Neurofeedback


Our brains are a gift and a tool to help us experience and navigate life; like our legs or eyes.  Optimum function of our body parts allows us to lead free, choice-filled lives.  The human brain is a complex organ and has a normal, optimum functioning state.  It is also a sensitive organ and the brain waves can become dysregulated by traumas, toxins, stress, pain, negative patterns, and reasons mysterious.

Our brains can be brought into proper tune like a piano.  Then our souls have the optimum instrument with which to play the beautiful music that is our lives.

Dysregulated or disordered brain waves can be the source of many conditions and symptoms that people have difficulty finding relief for, such as; ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, seizures, panic attacks, insomnia, memory loss, traumatic brain injury, concussion symptoms, and learning disorders.

At O’Keefe Matz Chiropractic, we are so excited to share an effective, research-proven method for regulating and retraining brain waves with permanent results.  We have personally been witness to improvements in people’s lives, such as; pronounced improvement in; school grades/performance, anxiety, depression, sleep, memory, ability to handle and adapt to stress.

The method is referred to as Neurofeedback or Brain Training.  It’s a technology that, until recently, only existed in fancy university research labs.  Neurofeedback has been around for 40 years and the research and success rates are astonishing!

Essentially, neurofeedback brain training is a workout for the brain. A workout tailored specifically for the individual based on a brain wave analysis, symptoms, and individual goals.  It’s as simple as watching a movie of your choosing. The computer program responds very specifically to tune the brain at particular sites, reducing or encouraging particular frequencies.  The audio and visuals of the movie respond accordingly.  The brain wants to give you what you want- which in this case is to see the screen brightly and hear the audio loudly.  It will alter itself in order to be successful, thus creating new pathways of operation physiologically.  The oldest neurofeedback cases were over thirty years ago and the results those patients received are still permanent.

Please pass this information along to friends and family that you know could benefit from Brain Training.  Most of us know someone afflicted with depression, ADHD, addiction, concussions, brain injury, anxiety, insomnia or PTSD.  It is difficult to find relief for these neurological conditions.  We have something that may help. And its chemical free!!

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